Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wite out adds to the fun of my day

What can i's a bloggy day.

So, I saved some wite-out for years, knowing that someday i would need it. That day was today. However, the tip got clogged, as one might imagine, and the plastic apparently became brittle. What do you get when you squeeze something with a clogged tip and a brittle case? That's right, wite-out all over your hands and in your hair and all in the wrong places on your job applications. (Luckily, though, not on my favorite Rogues Gallery t-shirt! Phwew!)

So, i looked online for ways to get it off, cause that shit's sticky. Here is a run-down of the suggestions:
1. Scrub with a green scrubby: My skin is too delicate. Didn't try.
2. Mineral or baby oil: In the days of sunscreen who the heck has this in their house?
3. Rubbing alcohol: didn't work.
4. Suncreen: I used the oldest, grossest bottle of Banana Boat in the house. You know that bottle, you buy better stuff cause you hate it but then you don't throw it away cause you hate to waste. Didn't work, my skin smells nasty.
5. Olive oil: no.
6. Nail polish remover: yes! Ouch! Stingy and stinky!

My hands are now crispy and wite-out free.

Moral: just cross a line through it and get on with your life.

bathroom reviews

The new Hilltop Coffee Shop has my favorite restaurant bathroom ever. I want to bring my coffee in there and hang out. This is very important. It sucks to go to a beautiful restaurant only to find that they have not paid any attention to the bathroom. It makes you wonder what else they don't pay attention to.

Best ever personal bathroom: Kristen Penny's mom's house for having the coolest vintage frog wallpaper ever. Cory Lockhart's parents' house (dad is artist Bob Lockhart) ties for having wallpaper of art-naked-lady paintings.

cupcakes, sewing, and non-normal moms

On Cupcakes
1. Cupcakes, when dropped, always land frosted-side down. I suppose it's because that size weighs more, so it falls faster. Or because of some karmic retribution for not sharing our cupcakes when we were kids.
2. Cupcakes are not usually my favorite thing. Cakes need to be so very moist to interest me at all. Cupcakes usually aren't. (Too much edge.) However, while it feels really strange to make a cake for no reason at all, cupcakes for no reason seem acceptable. Even though the recipe was the same.
3. Mocha chocolate vanilla marble with chocolate coconut frosting is not at all too many flavors.

On sewing:
I tried to get some friends to help me make a custom dressmakers' dummy (in exchange for some cupcakes?) and then help each other sew dresses. I was told that's what mothers are for. Sigh.

Some moms live far away. Sigh.

And also, there are those moms who don't make things, and yet are awesome in other ways. So, my mom never taught me how to make a dress. Did YOUR mom ride her bike in the Senior Olympics where she pantsed an 86 year old? I doubt it.

I did just finish taking in a skirt. Wanting to avoid the zipper issue, I only took in one side seam. I sorta forgot the butt seam. So now the butt seam is a little to the right. Or a lot. Well, it works OK.

Friday, March 21, 2008

cutest job ever

I just accepted a very part time job as Assistant Site Manager of the Portland Observatory. I am very excited about it!

My first task of the day will be to climb to the top and raise the flags. Also, I get to chat with customers from all over the place waiting to take a tour. Which is a great job for me, as I enjoy talking. A lot.

Mabel update

I also think Mabel is depressed. She just sits in the same corner of her tank every day looking very depressed. Either she is lonely or she overheard me saying she was losing her color, but it is making me very sad! Anyone know any good goldfish psychiatrists?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mabel is really getting old!

Seriously, I know I have mentioned that my fish has lost her color, but compare these pictures!

From 2-3 years ago?

And this one from the past 6 months (posted earlier on my blog, courtesy of Maggie Carey. Weird!

I am beginning to wonder if someone switched her on my surreptitiously.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm feeling hateful

so here's what i hate:
-raw tomatoes
-Annie's Mac and cheese (it has never been creamy enough for me, sorry to all my earth saving friends, but i'm going back to the neon orange stuff)
-Miami airport
-non-dairy creamer
-people on airplanes who bathe in perfume
-that sound when people cough that sounds like they're dying, common in smokers, old men, and little children
-our government's lack of systems-thinking when it comes to education (resulting in a lack of funding)
-violent movies and tv shows
-long scary curvy fingernails
-people who can't use spell check in professional documents

oh the wind and rain

Back from the Virgin Islands. Will write more about vacation when I have recovered from the 13 hour journey and cleared my mind a bit. But, what I am wondering, is: why in the world would anyone want to live in this godforsaken state they call Maine? When I left, it was rainy. When i returned, it was rainy. It is supposed to snow. There are no jobs. Companies think $8.50 an hour is a good salary.


Coming back from vacation is hard.