Monday, December 1, 2008

Southerners vs. Yanks, cont'd

Things I will never understand about northerners:

8. Restaurant service. I will not go on a rant here, but maybe, once, you should go out to eat in the south and you will weep to return to a restaurant in Yankee world.

9. They don't realize that putting spaghetti noodles in chili is perfectly normal.

Things I love about them:

5. There's a certain independence or DIY-ness here. It's quite charming and very useful. I am not sure that I have ever met a Mainer, for example, whose parents don't "put up" food for the winter in loads of canning jars.
6. I like about Maine that the world does not stop in the event of a snowstorm. In Louisville, they predict a few inches, and the Kroger's is literally cleaned out of milk, meat, and bread (apparently the essentials.) The city shuts down. In Maine, you get a foot, most people still have to go to work. Oh, well that part sucks, but the rest I like.