Sunday, July 15, 2007


5 of them, this summer. Was invited to an additional wedding but i said no, and sent Jon instead. 5 is enough. I actually am excited, very excited, about all of them. Last night's was really fun, and anyone who knows Craig and Zoe is lucky because they are 2 terrific people.

But here's what i don't understand: what's with assigned seating? It's a lot of work to create the list and the name cards (I know, I had to do it at the last minute for a friend years ago). And, can't people decided on their own where to sit? I mean, here I am at this table with 3 other couples, one of which we know well, but then, my friends are on the other side of the room sitting with people they don't know either. It happened at the last wedding i went to as well.

Any insight into this tradition would be appreciated. PS--is it ok to buck the trend? Meaning, sitting at a different table than assigned?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

new favorite drink

limeade+ginger ale