Thursday, August 21, 2008

seasons and change and me feeling blue about it

Can it really be? The chill in the in the sun, cold in the summer really coming to an end? Did we even have a summer?

I love fall. But this year, I am not ready for it. Not yet, and I will go down fighting. On top of the usual Maine winter, we had a pretty crappy spring. Then, after a glorious start to summer's immortal days of sun and breeziness and wildflowers and limey drinks, it started to rain. For, um, a month or so? Many of us die hard ocean dippers even became wussified.

And I start to ask myself: why in the world do I live here? Where it's cold 8 months out of the year and summer, if you're lucky, lasts maybe 2. Where you even have to wait till May for daffodils and then it all goes so fast.

When I go home for the all-too-rare visit to the hot hot south, it seems as if I've waited my whole lifetime for one bite of that juicy,ripe peach; for that one encompassing whiff of sweet magnolia breeze.

Monday, August 11, 2008


The fabulous blog has a video on which McCain refers to "Vladimir Putin, president of Germany."


How...oh, forget it, I've said it before.