Saturday, August 11, 2007


In the next few posts, I will be comparing the Portland peninsula to Manhattan. Jon is supposed to give me some photography lessons so I can add photos. I really enjoy finding the beauty in the everyday stuff around town--afternoon light on brick walls, the many-paned windows down by the waterfront, and the sunset light on the ocean, even though the sun sets on the other side.

First comparison: no one from Manhattan ever leaves Manhattan (according to Carrie Bradshaw.) Likewise, no one from the peninsula ever leaves the peninsula. If so, they get very grumpy, or it is for a trip to Ikea, in which case, they come back happy that they don't live in Boston. Once, we tried to have a party in Woodford's corner. Oops, haha, no one goes there! 99% of the guests were from out of town. In fact, we get so centered here that it's pretty hard to get people from the West End to go to a party on the East End. It's what, 3/4 mile walk? And if you are ever actually off peninsula and ask someone for a ride, they'll say, "No, I'm sorry, I'm not heading to the East End" as if that is really out of the way! Some folks are so peninsula-centric that they only buy stuff on peninsula! Luckily, Norm Jabar, owner of our favorite bar in town, just opened a hardware store on peninsula. Now, if we could just get an onion after 5:30 on Munjoy Hill...


Last night my friends' baby fell asleep on my lap while Jon was snuggled up next to me. Biological clock or not, it was fairly close to what perfection feels like.