Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation plans fo Vacationland

Things I plan to do next week:
-be a beach bum DONE
-buy some pretty lingerie DONE
-go to Old Orchard beach or Canobie Lake and ride the rides SCHEDULED
-get a new cowgirl hat
-go camping
-swim in a lake or river DONE
-loiter at Arabica and the Hilltop
-ride my bike all over the place ON-GOING
-play some guitar
-work in my garden DONE
-throw a baseball
-play lawn games
-hike a mountain DONE
-look for gems
-get a fabulous haircut from Kate at Head Games
-watch barnacles eat
-search for starfish
-nap in a meadow
-finish my book
-eat pancakes DONE
-have a campfire and s'mores
-make a ridiculously amazing meal DONE
-start a new craft project
-bake a pie PLANNED
-drink lots of beer and vacationy-drinks, too ON-GOING

Who's in?

1 comment:

maggie! said...

I am in for more than half of those. Canobie Lake Park next Sunday?